A warm welcome to the METROPOLITAN OWNERS CLUB website. We are very pleased you have found your way to us. Since 2010 the Club has been run by a committee of 3 people - John Dowling, Bob Patrick and Steve James.

We welcome new and returning members, no matter where you live in the world. Here is a little about us, our aims for the club, the members and the great little car which is The Metropolitan.

The club exists to promote the maintenance, preservation, ownership and publicity of the Metropolitan car. It provides a forum for owners to discuss and exchange information on things ‘Metropolitan’. Various promotional items are available from the club, together with a small range of spare or reconditioned parts. A members register is in existence to provide the membership with the opportunity to receive local assistance or advice.

The car was designed by Nash in the US, primarily for use in that country, but it was built exclusively by Austin in the UK. The cars were sold by Nash into their markets from 1954 until 1961. Austin sold the cars in their UK and associated markets from 1957 until 1961.We want to foster interest and good fellowship in all things ‘Met’. That includes restoration, preservation and publicity. We have a colourful and interesting club magazine, designed to increase member’s active involvement in many club events and discussions. We embrace, not only the splendid history of AUSTIN who manufactured our cars, but also of NASH who had the foresight and ambition to design these colourful and unique little vehicles. The popularity of the Metropolitan, (impossible not to see one and smile), is a worthy legacy to these two proud organisations which are sadly no longer involved in on-going car production under their individual respected marques.

So, you want something which is unique, fascinating, capable and fun? We think the answer lies in getting yourself a Met and joining our club. Enjoy the site, talk to us and let us infect you with our own dedication and appreciation!

The MOC Committee.





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